Spotlight On: MetaMorph Jewelry

Statement jewelry has always been a signature of mine. Accessories have the power to make or break an outfit. When you come across a bold piece - my rule is always to plan the rest of your outfit around that piece. Accent jewelry with bohemian flare make up local brand MetaMorph Jewelry. Inspired by global … Continue reading Spotlight On: MetaMorph Jewelry

Maternity Style Spotlight on: Almarose Bags

As a soon-to-be mommy, I can attest that style is just as important as function when it comes to my maternity wardrobe. Being in my 7th month of pregnancy, personal appearance and fashion have become more important to me than ever. Reason being is simple, it's something I can do every morning to make myself … Continue reading Maternity Style Spotlight on: Almarose Bags

Spotlight on: Greta Falvo Cicero of Soyil Candles

OK, fine, I'll admit it - I'm a candle snob. I might have a slight addiction. I always have a candle lit in my home. I love the atmosphere and zen it creates. Unfortunately most of the candles we burn aren't necessarily healthy for the environment. So many are made with chemicals and toxins that … Continue reading Spotlight on: Greta Falvo Cicero of Soyil Candles

Spotlight on: Inclined Designs

If it's one thing I admire, it's artistic ability. I live a cursed life in that I was given an eye for creativity, a passion for the arts and zero ability to actually construct a project. I've tested my skill in baking, painting, sketching, photography, graphic design, calligraphy, and failed miserably. Well, that's not entirely … Continue reading Spotlight on: Inclined Designs

Maternity Style #bycharissalauren: The Mommy Mani

My style is simple on most days. I love a comfy cardigan, a pair of leggings and my over-sized Ralph Lauren frames on your average work day. But, I'm also the kind of girl who loves a floral print dress and anything that sparkles. My M-F fashion sense may be casual but I go all … Continue reading Maternity Style #bycharissalauren: The Mommy Mani

Spotlight on: The Picket Fence

Style for home, style for baby, style for mom. As a lifelong traveler, founder Patti Staley would return home from her trips with one-of-a-kind gifts for her daughters and grandchildren that weren't seen in Pittsburgh. This tradition sparked the idea that she'd like to open a shop for these treasures, a place where Pittsburghers can … Continue reading Spotlight on: The Picket Fence

Spotlight on: Vintage Grace Boutique

I have to say, the best part about about working in Pittsburgh is our strong sense of community and our support for small businesses. I've noticed even moreso lately that Pittsburgh is a little big town. We shop local, we attend festivals and city fairs, and we support our own. We really are the heart … Continue reading Spotlight on: Vintage Grace Boutique

Spotlight on: Ginger Lilly, Havana’s Heyday

Style Staples with a Bigger Purpose A wife, a mom, a cancer survivor. Ginger Lilly isn't your everyday designer and she doesn't design your everyday jewelry. Everything about her company, Havana's Heyday, has a bigger meaning. Accent, handmade vintage pieces with a history make up a collection of timeless style staples and shopping is guilt-free … Continue reading Spotlight on: Ginger Lilly, Havana’s Heyday

Spotlight on: Pamela Salai

If you're a Pittsburgh mom or mom-to-be, chances are, you know who Pamela Salai is. If not, allow us to introduce you to your new favorite photographer. Enchanting and ethereal, Pamela's work captures all the fairytale and magic that maternity and childhood brings. Raising your children is a magical time, after all. These magical moments … Continue reading Spotlight on: Pamela Salai

Spotlight on: Rutz Naturals

Best Local Natural Products for Expecting Mothers When I found out I was expecting our little Savannah, I stopped using a lot of products that I was using and sought out the most natural mama-friendly brands on the local market. Call me a hippie at heart. I first came across Rutz back in 2014 when … Continue reading Spotlight on: Rutz Naturals

Spotlight on: Wanderlust Weddings and Events

When I was planning my wedding this year - I knew exactly who to call, Wanderlust. I went to high school with co-founder, Ali Simcho, and was excited to see her making moves in the wedding industry in Pittsburgh. When it came time to execute the vision I had for our wedding day, I knew … Continue reading Spotlight on: Wanderlust Weddings and Events

Spotlight on: Juniper Briggs

I was originally introduced to Juniper Briggs when I was assigned to cover her story for a national magazine. Since then, I've followed her work and success and watched her grow tremendously as an artist. Art has always been a big part of my life and upbringing. I was raised in theater, the arts and … Continue reading Spotlight on: Juniper Briggs

Spotlight on: Lenise Williams

I was connected with Lenise Williams a few years ago when she actually featured me on her own blog. Since then, I've watched her build her own company with complete success. Lenise is an Attorney, Business Consultant and Entrepreneur also known as the Mompreneur, Esq. She is the author of three books, "Mompreneur: Business, Babies, … Continue reading Spotlight on: Lenise Williams

Spotlight on: Lauren Klein, Pittsburgh Property Diva

There is no better way to end a work week than with a spotlight of an empowering woman. This Real Estate superstar has taken Pittsburgh properties by storm since 2008. Lauren Klein of Pittsburgh Property Diva is #Goals. No one gets the job done like a diva, after all. When thinking about the work ethic of women, … Continue reading Spotlight on: Lauren Klein, Pittsburgh Property Diva

Spotlight on: Amy Caplan of KLEAN

I was recently introduced to Amy Caplan, the owner of KLEAN, from the one and only Pittsburgh Property Diva - Lauren Klein. Amy quickly fell into my network of local women in business and I loved her go-getting attitude and felt her old-school etiquette really added a personal touch to her professionalism. Amy's business, Klean, … Continue reading Spotlight on: Amy Caplan of KLEAN

Pittsburgh Professional Minds: A Social Movement

In the early twentieth century, Millionaires Row housed many well-heeled members of Pittsburgh’s high society. Our city was in it’s development prime and the home to many turn-of-the-century industrialists and financiers like Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick. These civic-minded individuals set out to increase job percentage while attracting the attention of thousands of immigrants … Continue reading Pittsburgh Professional Minds: A Social Movement

4 Tips to Prep Your Brand for Press

Before beginning press outreach for a brand, there is always a series of steps that need to be met and structured to guarantee a press placement. I work with numerous clients that may not initially know of the specifications that press platforms look for before featuring a company. How do you know when your brand is … Continue reading 4 Tips to Prep Your Brand for Press

Business benefits of blogging.

Let’s be honest, in this day and age businesses revolve around social media. If you have a website, but you do not have a blog, consider yourself on the B-List. One of the first things I ask a client when discussing their PR package is ‘Do you have a blog?’ Not only do blogs provide constant … Continue reading Business benefits of blogging.

Why entrepreneurs need a professional headshot.

Whether you are in business, representing the public, a model, an actress, a writer, an author, a philanthropist or even real estate agent, a headshot is a professional must-have. Some of you may ask, what is the purpose in having a professional photographer capture my headshot if I have a perfectly good camera phone? Save yourself … Continue reading Why entrepreneurs need a professional headshot.

Wander: Savannah, Georgia

If I could move anywhere in the U.S. it would be the deep, deep south. I'm a true southern belle at heart and there's no place like Georgia for me. The architecture, the oak trees, the history, the FOOD, I'm in my full element when I'm in the south. I could totally see myself wearing … Continue reading Wander: Savannah, Georgia

Wander: Oahu, Hawaii

Before I introduce you to the magic that is Oahu, let me begin by telling you that Hawaii was #LifeGoals for me since I could walk. In fact, before reality hit me and I became an entrepreneur, I actually used to daydream of living on the shores of Hawaii and making jewelry out of seashells. … Continue reading Wander: Oahu, Hawaii